Zeiss Ikon Contax I , Sonnar 5cm f2 rigid lens


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Zeiss Ikon Contax I 

Serial number U20415. Sonnar 5cm f2 rigid lens (rare version) Number 1606539.

Body in good condition, with few signs of use (normally is not like that) and without shocks or alterations.

It still has the reception film spool.

Speeds seem to be fine, but the shutter curtains are lazy and the second curtain sometimes gets blocked. So, it will need a set up regarding the curtains.

Lens is flawless. No scratches, fungus, alterations or condensations. This version (Sonnar 5cm f2 rigid) is particularly rare. Because what one normally finds is the Contax I with the retractable 5cm f3.5.

Front cap lens is also hard to find.

Notice the fault in the chrome, where the counter is (visible in pics).

All in all, a good example of a Contax I in great conditions. It would only need a repair in the shutter curtains.

For Contax I unconditional lovers.

Last note: the case you can find in our shop doesn't fit this camera, as the lens doesn't allow it to close. 

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