CANON Seiki. “S” model.


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CANON Seiki. “S” model.


Rangefinder camera with interchangeable lenses, here with a Nikkor 5cm f3.5 with bayonet mount, Contax kind.

It's a copy of Leica.

Curtain shutter up to 1/500 and slow speeds in the front part of the body.

The rangefinder is clear and precise. The speeds work correctly.

The body has some spots with lack of chrome in different places.

No shocks on body or lens.

Serial number on the body: 12388. There is another additional serial number where lens is placed: 4353.

The Nikkor lens is clean and without fungus, serial number: 460173.

Rare camera from the beginnings of this brand (1938-1946) manufactured in small quantities.

Very hard to find, especially in Europe.

A unique opportunity for all Canon collectors.

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