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Cylindrical thread mount equipment measuring 11cm long, all metal made.

6 cm diameter on one side, 4 cm diameter on the other side.

On the bigger side there is a Berthiot Ampli Cinor G: X3 N°374331 Paris lens. In this same side there are 3 additional close-up lenses, mounted by interlocking, measuring 20 mm diameter: 0,25m-0,50m (glass has a crack) -1m.

On the smaller side there is a Berthiot Hyper Cinor Paris N° 345623 lens.

Both lenses have a 18mm thread mount.

The Hyper Cinor shows metres on the focusing scale, and the Ampli Cinor shows metres and feet. The Ampli Cinor shows an “S” engraved on the bottom.

We totally unknow the origin or use of this Berthiot cinema equipment.

Everything is in good condition, besides what is already mentioned above.

Sold “as is”. 

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